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Are you an Adobe Flash Player? Adobe Flash allows you to play hundreds of games via your web browser. You're a game player, but are you an Adobe Flash Player? Do you LOVE Flash based web games? You just found your favorite site! Find Flash Player games, hints and strategies! Try your hand at some classic arcade games. It is classic games month here for all you Adobe Flash Players. Next month will be a huge selection and tips on Flash based adventure games. Join our Newsletter to get updates.


Avoid the ghosts unless they are blue. Using a full sized arrow keypad will make this game much easier.

Street Fighter 2
Are you street smart? Give this classic game a whirl. Always face your opponents and don't let them get the first hit in. Speed is absolutely necessary!

By far one of the NES' most popular games. If you have a joystick hooked up to your computer this game will be much more enjoyable.


Who could forget this adorable little guy? Here is a great tip, turn you keyboard so that your arrow keys follow the diaginal direction of the playing board. This help from confusing moves an makes moving around the board be represented by your actual movements.

Mortal Kombat
Not the movie, the old school game!

Sonic the Hedgehog
I remember when this game came out! It was life changing to say the least. Move over Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog made you stupid Mario. TIP: Don't even try to play this one without a joystick... Using the keyboard is almost impossible, unless you are a master Adobe Flash Player.


Burger Time
Tip: time building the burger parts when the bad guys are under them for more points and to remove them from the game play for a bit.

Ms Pac Man



Space Ship Shooter

Missle Strike

Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player is known around the world by people who enjoy the benefits of rich internet applications. Adobe Flash Player is a freeware licensed software. Freeware means it is free for the user to use and allows distribution of the player through many means. The Adobe Flash Player was originally developed for use on computers running an internet browser, but this scope has expanded to many different electronic devices, such as; smart phones, tablets, and netbooks. You are most familiar with Adobe Flash Player as a plug-in that runs from your internet browser. There are also versions that run directly from your computer as a stand alone program, separate from your browser. Flash Player runs the SWF file format that is generated by using the Adobe Flash authoring tools. Adobe Swift, Adobe Flex, and other third party tools use the Adobe Flash Player format.

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